Into the beautiful meteor of the snow

Tupelo Quarterly


Check out my new poem (a finalist in Tupelo Quarterly's poetry contest)! Enjoy issue 5!




This poem also includes a little nod to an older one.


Reading This Friday


I found this mushroom yesterday. 




This Friday, come see me read with John and Anastacia at the University Book Store in the U-District! At least one poem will include delicious mold.

Eleven Eleven


I’ve admired Eleven Eleven for years and I’m so glad my long-ish poem “Blood” found a home in its pages. 


You can listen to me reading the poem in Portland here too.


It has a little nod to Keats at the end, “This living hand, now warm and capable.”



Poetry Endings at the Hugo House!


"And then a Plank in Reason, broke,
And I dropped down, and down –
And hit a World, at every plunge,
And Finished knowing – then –”



How do we end poems? Take my 2 week class at the Hugo House this November and we’ll work through it! Registration is open


Check out this Q&A about the class at the Hugo House blog!